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I help purpose-driven business owners run everything behind-the-scenes to both manage and grow their businesses.  I’m driven by the people around me. I’m passionate about making a positive impact through my work. I believe businesses can all be used as forces for good. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile here, read more about my ‘career adventures’ here on Project Anywhere and scrolling down here to find out more.

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I wear many hats and help businesses in multiple ways. After many years of project management, PR, events and more recently specialising in charities, social enterprise and start-up operations in London offices, I am now working remotely as Operations Manager for a variety of UK based organisations. This includes managing and consulting on streamlining business processes, automating workflows, improving team efficiency and productivity.

I’m also a freelance project manager helping clients to take their big ideas projects & plans and break them down into actionable chunks, prioritise what needs to happen when (and making sure it all happens!), ensure everything delivered is in line with long-term visions and key goals.

You can read my work as a contributing writer:

As a flexible work advocate, I launched Project Anywhere in 2019 as an online platform to shout about remote & flexible working and celebrating choosing your own ‘career adventures’.

In my spare time, I’m an online community moderator for XR Digital Nomads and The Climate App Action Group – Making Change Easy.

Who I’ve Worked With

DGC Dance
The Climate App
Stay Nimble
The Freelance Kit
The Pangea Trust