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Ep #35: Becky Wong: How to Escape the 9-to-5 and Build Your Own Remote Working Adventure In A Post-Covid World

This week, I’m talking to Becky Wong, a remote-working digital nomad, business manager, freelance writer, and the founder of digital nomad blog, Project Anywhere.

Becky started Project Anywhere to champion and support others who are on the road to remote work or running remote businesses.

She encourages you to choose your own “work adventure” and to show the multitude of colourful paths that you could go on – both in your work or in your personal life – that could end up taking you to absolutely anywhere (even in a post-Covid world)!

Hoxby’s Workstyle Stories – Becky Wong

London life and being caught up in the rat race took its toll on Hoxby member, Becky Wong – she felt burnt out and tired.

But she discovered a new way of working, and is now living the life of a digital nomad, freelancing remotely and fitting in work around her travels.

As Becky has learnt, a flexible workstyle can increase your productivity and mental health. Watch this week’s Workstyle Stories to hear how.

She Means Bizness with Stacy Ho

#03: Embrace the Uncertainty – Becky Wong
Embrace the Uncertainty in all shapes and forms. No one gets it right straight away. No one is an overnight success. You will keep learning and growing along the way, entrepreneurship is an exciting (and fulfilling) roller coaster ride!

The Good Traveller: What makes the digital nomad lifestyle work, and what doesn’t?

Instagram will have you believe that digital nomads spend their days working from hammocks on beaches and infinity pools. A month shy of her one-year digital nomad anniversary, Elly Earls reports on what it really takes to make this lifestyle work and whether it’s sustainable in the long term.

Yummy Vegan Retreats Blog – Meet Becky

Hello everyone! 

I am so pleased to share with you below, an interview with Becky, as our fourth guest interview blog! Happy reading and be sure to follow Becky on her Instagram account! 

How to be freelance: this is the reality of living the ‘dream’ Instagram lifestyle

Looking for advice on how to be freelance? There are nearly 3 million #digitalnomad posts on Instagram, following the envy-inducing lives of remote workers across the globe. But it’s not all coconuts and sunsets, as seasoned freelancer Elly Earls knows all too well.